Emily Louise Held - This Is Your Life

You probably don't remember it, but your Mama brought you to see Grandma and me up on our mountain in North Carolina when you were just a few months old.  That was when our love affair began with you and part of our moving to California was to watch you grow up.  You were Emmy-Lou to us back then and that's how I still like to think of you.  

When your folks moved to Florida we got to know you a little better.  One day we came looking for you on the beach and when you spotted us you came running and jumped into my arms.  I still treasure that moment.  Join me now on a little trip down Memory Lane as I relive some of those cherished memories.  I'll start you out with the first pic, then you can just click on it anywhere to go to the next one.  And so on...

Here's one of you as a lump.  You were just about a month old then and weren't really into this life stuff yet.













About one month later you were a little bigger lump.














18 months old and you're starting to get the hang of it.













Bless your little heart.













21 months old and pretty as a picture.














The terrible two's.  You went right from the bottle to the straw.
















Where did it go, Daddy?














You were an adorable two-year-old.










And you sure loved to swim














You were another Esther Williams














Touching the bottom was fun














But then it was a long way back up














And you always had to go past the camera for a final big smile.












Your mom kept us up to date on your progress with a new batch of pictures every few months.













  Momma's little helper.















These pictures may not be in exact order.  I'm guessing this one goes with the two of you in the restaurant with your dad, and may have been in Hawaii or some other exotic place.  
















Three Years Old and Blooming




























Mugging for the Camera...











You were quite a ham.












Mom was holding onto you, but you had  hold of Dad. 














You loved modeling clothes.













I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.













You were about three years old when your folks moved to Florida. Your apartment was right across the street from the beach and life was good.














Grandma and I came up to your place for a visit and found a note on the door saying you were over on the beach.  When we got over there you spotted us from about fifty yards away and came running at us like a Pepsodent commercial.  Life was really good.
















We had some fun together, didn't we?