Valerie Anne Dickman
This is your life

It started out in Brooklyn, NY.


You were Grandma's little girl.


But you wanted to be a cowgirl so we soon moved to Colorado.


You liked the wide open spaces...


But you did most of your riding in the living room.


Another of your hobbies was gate -swinging
You actually got quite good at it.


At six you were so proud of your missing teeth.


But we like you better this way.


We did a lot of floating and fooling around back then.


You seemed to get prettier with each passing year.


In California you were three happy sisters..


But in Colorado you became the three Amigos.













Here is the oldest daughter, Valerie, whose life is now divided between the Point Arena/Fort Bragg area of California and Seattle, Washington.  While I'm digging out all her kid pictures you can start out with...

Point Arena
1979 - 1981

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