Hi - Welcome to the world of Vicki Doreen Dickman

    I'm  gonna catch it for giving away her middle name... She's always hated it.  But that's Vicki.  
She's always been, if nothing else, her own person.  Born in the middle, the second of three daughters, Vicki never got to enjoy the attention reserved for the firstborn nor the adoration of the baby.  What this meant to Vicki was, "Try harder!"

    What came from this extra effort was the development of artistic talents, the existence of  which no one had even the slightest clue.  Her artwork on the sidewalks of San Rafael has become a perennial tradition.  With her husband of many years, Mark Richtman, an engineer in a Petaluma hi-tech company and world champion ride-and-tie competitor, she is kept busy making a home for her four boys and one sweet little girl.  In her spare time she somehow found the time to take a course in computer graphics and currently operates a promising business out of that home in Novato, California.

    Presented here is the story of Vicki as I got to know her over the years... the loving and caring person I am proud to call my daughter. 

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At seven she was shooting the rapids on Saskatchewan's  Churchill  River.











Eleven Mile Reservoir in Colorado











Her first horse ride.







Her first horse.









Doubling up behind frequent ranch visitor, Joe Westgate.









Daddy's Girl










Sitting Pretty









Kicking Back











Dancing With Daddy
















VICKI (mom), Bryce, MARK (dad), & Chelsea