A Kid Grows In Brooklyn

Having relatives in Springfield Gardens and Poughkeepsie, N.Y. made life a lot more tolerable than had I been confined to the streets of Brooklyn.  It also made me see that there were better ways to live.  I would sit in school in the city and dream of going away to the country.  I never could understand why country kids dreamed of going to the city.  I admit that for me it was a matter of the grass being greener elsewhere.  For those country kids it must have been  a "grayer pavement" sort of thing.

    I was a change of life baby and prided myself on the fact that I had a niece and nephew who were older than me.  Their mother (my half sister) and I shared the same birthday, 25 years apart.  It happens.

   On weekends my sister, Janet, and I would get to visit them in Springfield Gardens, Long Island, which to me was like a field trip into the country.  Jan and I grew up with George and Flo.  He was Sonny back then and she was Snooky.  It got confusing, sometimes, since I was also Sonny in my early years.  Parents weren't big on originality back in the thirties.  I wasn't complaining, though, poor old Janet never got a nickname.

   Here are a few pictures to help get the feel of those days when life was simple ̶  except for WWII, of course.

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Jan, Mom, and Me in Poughkeepsie
















Jan, Sonny, Snooky, and Me
















Dressing Up and Going Begging on Thanksgiving Day
The Forerunner to Trick or Treat



















Me and Charles Quinn in the Brooklyn Day Parade
Charles was the son of my make-believe-aunt, Edna Quinn.  Guess that made him my make-believe-cousin.














From Right: Jan, Sonny, Me, and Snooky Still Growing-
 The little guy on the left is my nephew, Bobby.















According to Flo (Snooky), the girl on the right side of the picture is Janet Deremer who lived down the street from her family in Springfield Gardens.